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nania Costruzioni s.a r.l., is a dynamic company that boasts over ten years of experience in the sector of general construction, safety coordination, qualified design as well as technical consultancy in a variety of sectors.
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Anania Costruzioni’s mission is based on attention to every detail that must make the difference. The rule of the art constitutes the basic principle on which all the action relating to construction, renovation and any type of work is based. The company’s method, right from the first inspection, tends to first collect the necessary structural, map and insertion information in the urban context. Based on specific contacts with clients, an operational plan is established on which to base the entire action of the works.
And before the start of activities and the opening of construction sites, everything is planned, including the analysis on the possible occurrence of problems to be addressed in the initial or advanced stages of the works.
The Anania Costruzioni team, of which Eng. Sergio Anania is constantly trained, technologically advancing towards a new idea of ​​professionalism in the sector that does not see workers at work but professionals in the field.


Anania Costruzioni is able to provide full optional services without having to address several companies at the same time. There is therefore the possibility through the advanced engineering section to design any work to be carried out, renovations, detailed calculations of material resistance, environmental impact assessments, safety protection and what is necessary to express the potential of an engineering in step with the times. and ready to take on any kind of challenge.


The company pays a lot of attention to this sector which is an integral and essential part in the optimal success of a given project. Anania Costruzioni wanted to create a structure that is able to make an environment, internal and external spaces unique, with attention to detail, the essential and with a simulated design planning that allows you to realize dreams kept in the drawer for a long time.
Architecture represents a professional knowledge to exploit spaces, modifications, with the use of design and furniture accessories, for interiors and exteriors that guarantee the best satisfaction.

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